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Full Specification

Manufacturer: Fisher

Model: F 4

Price: $99.00

Type: General

Skill: Intermediate

Weight: 4.00

Display: LCD

Frequency: 0

Headphone: 1/4"

no manual present for the F 4


Size: 11.0

Type: DD

Avaliable 0


Life: 0

Type: 2 9vo

Available: 0

Description: Fisher Labs Metal detector. The new Fisher F 4 detector for coin shooting.

Average Rating: 5.0 based on 1 reviews

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Fisher F4

The Fisher F4 comes with a DD coil and either an 8” or 4” coil. This is a very sensitive detector that allows you to manually ground balance in the all-metal mode for extra depth. It is simple to operate and has a 4-tone audio system, a pin-point mode, a Discriminate mode and a Notch mode. The notch mode allows you to notch out particular items (like a pull-tab) and still pick up other items. This is especially helpful if you find yourself in an area with lots of oddly shaped pull-tabs etc.
One great thing about this detector is it has a Digital Target Indicator detector. In discriminate or notch mode, the 2-digit target indicator (which is in the middle of the LCD display) provides a specific target value to help identify buried targets more accurately. It has a two-digit readout of approximate target value equivalents which helps determine what the item buried is. I must remind you that target indications are visual references and with all detectors of this type many other items can fall under any one of these categories. This is where practice, and more practice comes into play. As with any detector you need to “learn your detector” and what it is telling you.
The Pinpoint mode is a static search and static pinpointing mode; no coil motion is required to detect metal. The display shows the approximate depth of the object detected on the right of the panel in this mode.
Discriminate mode is a motion target identification search mode which means the coil has to be in motion. The F4 has two Discrimination modes: 1) All-Metal Discrimination mode: a motion mode where all metal targets are detected and the 2) Discrimination mode: a motion mode where the user can selectively eliminate target categories from detection. When the detector powers on it is in the All-Metal Discrimination mode with no targets eliminated from detection.
Notch discrimination as mentioned earlier allows you to selectively include or exclude target categories from detection. I can be invoked from any search mode.
This is a very versatile detector especially with the coil sizes available for it. It has excellent depth and is easy to operate. The four inch coil is excellent for working close to fences, etc and in high trash areas. Pinpointing with it is excellent. I would recommend searching with the highest stable sensitivity setting when using this coil.
I have used many different types of detectors and this is a great detector for coin hunting which I mainly do. To me the DD coil is a little harder to pinpoint with but works great for mineralized soil.

Average rating:5.0 based on 1 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Millard from North Carolina submitted on 1/1/1970

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