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Full Specification

Manufacturer: Whites

Model: MXT

Price: $0.00

Type: General

Skill: Intermediate

Weight: 4.00

Display: LCD

Frequency: 14

Headphone: 1/4"

no manual present for the MXT


Size: 9.0

Type: Concentric

Avaliable 18


Life: 40

Type: 8 AA

Available: 18

Description: The Whites MXT is one metal detector with three completely separate operating modes. Just toggle switch between gold prospecting, coin/jewelry or relic. The MXT Tracker becomes a specialized metal detector for that type of treasure.

Average Rating: 1.9 based on 7 reviews

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Solid, Reliable and stable detector

I purchased this metal detector three days ago, and am very satisfied with my investment. I live on a farm in northern Missouri, with lots of old iron farm "junk" buried in the ground. The MXT does a fantastic job discriminating the iron from valuable targets. The VDI readings are accurate almost every time. Also, this unit detects coins at depths of 10-12 inches. Yesterday I unearthed a 1923 penny in the yard at a depth of 11 inches, and the MXT gave me a solid alert and a perfect VDI reading. I highly recommend this metal detector.

Average rating:1.9 based on 7 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by James Gorski from Kearney, Missouri USA submitted on 1/1/1970

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Don't Buy MXT

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with my “new” MXT, purchased through Kellyco at the beginning of March 2011. I spent weeks researching a dozen different detectors…to ensure all my needs would be met. I decided to go with the MXT because all the reviews and people I spoke with raved about the MXT being a world class machine. When I first got the detector…I had already gone over the owners manual a half dozen times…and viewed at least 30 different youtube videos about the MXT. I felt confident in my ability to manipulate the MXT and how work the various settings for the type of hunting and conditions I would be exposed to. I began by using the factory recommended presets and set out to a local park that dated back to the early 1900’s. It did take about 30 minutes to get used to the MXT’s tones and before I knew it…I was hitting shallow targets in no time. I was amazed at how many pull-tabs the MXT came across. Even with the toggle set in the forward position (as this is the suggested setting to notch pull-tabs out). After several hours hunting at the recommended presets…I was worried that the MXT was not all it was cracked up to be. I remembered reading a post a few weeks back that talked about setting the discrimination to max and (cherry picking) targets in high trash areas. I decided this would be my best bet…so I turned the discrimination to max and the gain to +1. I did have quite a bit of success at first. I must have pulled about $23 in quarters, dimes, and copper pennies. I was rather pleased with the results and because the areas I typically hunt were heavily populated parks with lots of trash…I was happy to just pick off the obvious targets. About 2 weeks after my MXT arrived…I began to notice the machine acting very odd. I was unable to lock in on a solid target. My VDI readings were all over the place and when I tried to pinpoint a target…the machine would give a steady signal (as if the entire area surrounding me had metal all over…no fluctuation in sound). I was hesitant to blame it on the machine, but in my heart I knew something was not right. I called Whites in Oregon and Rodger said to send it in and he would go through it and fix anything that was even vaguely suspicious. I later learned that a factory authorized service center was located in Illinois…which is very close to me in Indiana. I did research to see if other customers had satisfactory experiences…and they all seemed to be rather pleased with Tony’s work. I boxed the MXT up and sent it out on Friday afternoon. The package was received on Monday and I called Tony on Wednesday to see what the status was. Tony said he had a tough time troubleshooting the problem…but it turned out to be a faulty “phase coil” on the internal board. He said he replaced it and the machine passed his inspection. I received it back later that afternoon. I was pleased at the short turn around time. Tony also said he had to let the machine run for about an hour to get it to replicate my specific symptoms. At any rate…I was happy that my suspicions were correct and he was able to track down the faulty “phase coil”. The next day I set out with my newly repaired “new” MXT. I went to a park around the corner from my house and did some searching. The machine seemed to have difficulty in areas that obviously were filled with lots of trash. It was a reunion pavilion so it was likely filled with bottle caps and foil. In the past (prior to the machine having issues) I had tones of success in similar areas. I had found lots of quarters and even a 2000 SJW dollar. This time…I was still having trouble locking in on targets and my VDI readings were all over the place. I decided that because the area was probably too trashy and I was using the standard 9.5 coil…I should move to an area that was less contaminated. I moved a few hundred yards to a field and turned the discrimination down a bit. The machine did do better. I found a knife about 2 inches down and about 5 quarters. I even dug a 6 inch hole and buried a quarter I had already found. The MXT did recognize the quarter and my VDI was steady at 85 (a typical quarter). I concluded that my previous experience…early that afternoon…was that I needed a smaller coil to better separate targets in high trash areas. I ended up ordering a 6 inch excel coil from Kellyco later that evening. The next day I dropped my daughters off at my mom’s house and set out to another local park. I turned the machine on and right away found a quarter just under the surface. I was set to “cherry pick mode” with my discrimination almost at max…any my gain was at +1. A few minutes into my hunt…I noticed my signal tones and VDI’s locking in on solid 24’s and even lower 0-4 (iron targets). I was baffled at this because my discrimination was set to notch those VDI’s out. I couldn’t figure out why I was getting those readings. I would find a good target…but they would only be located just below the surface…nothing greater than 2 inches. Time and time I would turn the discrimination down and back up…and for a moment…the machine seemed to be working as it should (notching out all the unwanted metals). The machine has always chirped and beeped intermittently when the discrimination was set high…but I though that was just how the machine operated. After another 15 minutes…the machine simply wouldn’t lock in on anything specific. I was still getting the discriminated signals…that should have been notched out. Finally…I found a target with a steady signal and VDI strong at 24 (again…which should have been notched out). I decided to give the machine a light tap, tap, tap…and to my amazement…the 24 VDI was gone. It was notching it out like it should have been doing all along. This peaked my suspicion that the MXT still had an intermittent short or other faulty component. I was able to replicate this several more times. I then decided to dig a 6 inch hole and burry a penny in the vertical position. I was shocked to see that the MXT was not recognizing any VDI signals or steady tones. I even turned the discrimination down to the preset position and still nothing. I dug the penny back up and turned it to a horizontal position…again with the same results. WHAT IS GOING ON? Something is not right with this machine. I have lost all confidence and fear I will never be able to trust my MXT ever again. It’s like when you start dating a really hot chick and everything is going great in the beginning. After a while you catch her telling you a lie or cheating on you. Sure, you may forgive her…but you always second guess everything she tells you from that point on. That’s how I feel now. I can’t ever trust this machine again. We simply have too much baggage to ever develop a stable relationship. I will be sending this machine directly to the factory with a copy of this letter. I will also copy and post this to as many user forums as possible. I worked and saved for almost 1 year to get enough money together to buy this detector. I am truly unsatisfied with this Whites product and will never purchase another Whites product ever again. This is my 2nd Whites detector…so I do have a history with their products. Unbeleavable!!!

Average rating:1.9 based on 7 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by John Schinbeckler from Camby, IN submitted on 1/1/1970

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MXT ( 3 machines in one)

I purchased my White's MXT in AUG 06. My only regret is that I didn't purchase the White's MXT years earlier. On my first outing to the beach with my new machine, I was amazed at how easy it was to operate and how it out performed other metal detectors, that I had used in the past. To top it off, I even found my first gold ring, from that point I was hooked on this detector.

Ground balancing doesn't get any easier, choose one of the 3 positions; Salt, Lock or Ground and then set the other knobs to the preset settings and find a clean area with no metal, pump the coil a couple times above the surface of the clean area and start having fun detecting. It is great having the ability to choose from the 3 separate programs, Coin & Jewelry, Relic and Prospecting. It is truly like having 3 Metal Detectors in 1.

Being stationed overseas, I enjoy spending my free time metal detecting with the MXT. It doesn't matter if it is out in the woods, on a beach or down at a local park. The MXT has proved itself time after time to be a fantastic piece of equipment in any setting. The weight and balance of this machine is excellent, you reap the benefit of this at the end of long day of detecting.

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of coins, jewelry, and miscellaneous items I have found with my machine. If you are looking for one machine that can make the difference in your metal detecting endeavors, I highly recommend the MXT. If you are beginner or a seasoned Treasure Hunter this machine is a must..

I would rate this detector 5 stars

Average rating:1.9 based on 7 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Dan Olson from Ventura, IA submitted on 1/1/1970

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Whites MXT a review for a Great Detector!

I have been using various detectors for about 30 Years or so and then due to natures of job had stopped for about 10 Years. This Year I wanted to get back in to it so I had to purchase another detector I searched alot of sites on metal detecting and read most of the reviews. at First I wanted the DFX which is Whites Top of the Line! Although it is an excellent detector I found the Learning curve to be exhausting. and also found myself getting frustrated on trying to learn the machine. and for me not having as much fun as I personally wanted. Even I did not listen to the sales Rep. on his recommendations on the right machine for me. and his was at the time of purchase was the Whites MXT. although I Found the DFX a really good machine it was not the Machine for me.
So I traded it for the Whites MXT. I found quite a few MXT owners were extremely happy with their MXTs. Once I found out the Differences for example if you are planing to search for Relics, Coins, and Gold the MXT is very adapt on being a multi use machine. The DFX was weaker on hunting for gold. But Stronger on beach hunting and coin and relic. although I plan on hunting for all 3 main items Gold, Relic and Coin The MXT to me is far better and at a lesser price. In my Case, it was not better to go for the Top Of The Line machine, but go for one more suited for me.
I found the MXT although priced less Much more simple and after watching the DVD that came with it and reading the Manual took it out to a Friends yard where I had also taken the DFX, Where I had more fun and went over the same areas where we had planted (without my Knowledge) Gold, some Relics and Coins as my Friend had did with the DFX. I found all the items including older coins not having been Planted!! I had so much more Fun then I had with The DFX I am not cutting the DFX down just that it was not the Detector for me, The MXT although Patterned after Whites GMT hit the Mark as a Fun, Simple Multipurpose detector! I also used the 950 Coil that had came with the Detector. The MXT although I live in Scottsdale Arizona and do not hunt on Beaches from all articles and Having talked with MXT owners works also well on the Beach but not as well as the DFX. Again for its Simplicity the MXT has a rather large Following and has Proved it self to be and also to me a very reliable detector where I believe very strongly that for the money compared to the more expensive brands and detectors out there, more value for the Money which is very important for me! a word of advice on Buying this Detector or Any Detector for that matter LISTEN to your local Shop and the Sales Rep. and Find the Detector that is RRIGHT for YOUR NEEDS! For Me the MXT is the Right Value and I have no desire to seek another Detector. Thanks for Reading this Review-Gary.

Average rating:1.9 based on 7 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Gary Taylor from Scottsdale, AZ submitted on 1/1/1970

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A Real Winner

I've used White's machines for years, and this one is a winner! The numerical reference scale, combined with the two-tone audio makes it an awesome relic, coin, and jewelry finder. The target display seems to want to call most good items a "buckle"(in relic mode), but I don't mind. No machine is perfect, but this one comes closer than alot of them.

Average rating:1.9 based on 7 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Richard Whitmore from Southern Va. submitted on 1/1/1970

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MXT.....The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I picked up an MXT about a month ago. I've had a Compass Coin Scanner which has served me well since the early 90's and figured it was about time for an upgrade. I'm no professional MDer, but here is how I see it thus far.

The Good: For the money, I really like the idea of having a high end machine that is basically 3 detectors in one unit. It's well balanced and the readout is pretty simple to understand. I've found some nice stuff in the coin and jewelry mode and also the relic mode (Lots of coins, relics, and my first gold ring). Out of the box, with the standard Eclipse 950 coil, it is light years ahead of anything I have used. I have yet to do pure nugget/picker shooting in the prospecting mode, but have put some small gold samples out to check it with the 4X6 DD coil and it picks up some pretty small stuff. I've found the 4X6 DD coil has worked great for me in some pretty trashy areas I've been working that tends to be higher in mineralization. I've also picked up the Super 12 coil. It too, works well and I can cover quite an area with it.

The Bad: The only thing I can think of is if White's could come out with some kind of processor chip "add-on" to plug into your brain. This would give you instant MXT knowledge all at once for optimally running this machine at any time, for all the different conditions, coils, settings.....etc (Of course, isn't this something we all wish for with any machine we are running?) haha

The Ugly: Looking at my facial expression when I'm in the middle of detecting and the low battery signal lights up and realize I left the spare batteries at home!

Average rating:1.9 based on 7 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Rich Anderson from Buena Vista, VA submitted on 1/1/1970

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Whites E-Series MXT

I started Metal Detecting on and off in 1990 with most of my hunting in central North Carolina. I purchased a Whites 5900 DP Pro relic hunter which worked out very well even though the learning curve was a little steep for a beginner, but I finally got the hang of it.. I stared visiting the beach in 1998 and decided to purchase a Whites Surf Pi Pro machine strictly for hunting the beach areas... This machine was good to 100' underwater.

I recently sold both machines to buy an Whites E series MXT
which came with the 9.5" eclipse coil. I hunt for coins and jewelry, relic hunt and do some prospecting while on vacation, so I needed a machine that would handle all my hunting endeavors, instead of buying 2 or three machines, I decided that
this metal detector was the best for my needs.

The MXT has three separate operating modes which cover
coin/jewelry, Relic hunting, and gold prospecting. Each
operating mode has its own target responses, display information and audio frequencies which make it a very powerful metal detector.

The LCD offers VDI (Visual Discrimination Indexes) from -95 to +95, target blocks, coin/jewelry/trash target labels along with
automatic battery check, low battery alert, overload alert and depth readings.

The MXT also has adjustable discrimination, gain threshold, plus an alternate trigger mode "pull" to pinpoint your find.

In Relic mode the display offers VDI from -95 to +94, target blocks, target labels, all of the above things. Three alternate trigger modes allows for your personal preferences and unique
audio response similar to mixed-mode audio, a favorite for relic hunters.

The Prospecting Mode is patterned after the Whits famous Gold master metal detector with the features above, plus % probability (% possible iron) and a ground phase system. This
mode is a real gold machine designed to Jimmy "Sierra" Normands's specifications.

Each mode on this machine offers optional search and
discrimination methods Ie: Disc Notch, Mixed Mode Audio, VCO and more.

In all modes of the MXT you get automatic ground balance which is simple, lightening fast and accurate from mountain minerals to salt water.

The MXT has 3 adjustment controls:

GAIN maximizes sensitivity & depth.

THRESHOLD allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear
only the sound of detected targets.

DUAL CONTROL fine tunes the
discrimination in the coin & jewelry and relic modes. In the prospectin mode the Dual Control adjusts the S.A.T. (self adjusting threshold) speed - an essential option for prospecting.
It has a lot more in depth setting which will fine
tune it to your specific hunting style.

This metal detector has an operating frequency of 14ktz and has a drop in battery pack which delivers up to 40 hours on 8 "AA" batteries. This an intermediate level machine, but by using the factory presets you can be finding coins and jewelry or relics or even gold without any training, if you would like more in depth information on the inside tips and tricks you can purchase a specialty book which will show you how to fine tune your MXT.

I have been using this machine for a little while now and have been vary happy with results I have been getting. I cant wait until this summer to test out the prospecting mode of this

If you a want the ability to flip a switch and hunt the beach, the woods or the mountains, this is the machine for you.

Average rating:1.9 based on 7 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Jim Tinker from Wilmington, NC submitted on 1/1/1970

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