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Full Specification

Manufacturer: Whites

Model: DFX

Price: $0.00

Type: General

Skill: Advanced

Weight: 4.00

Display: LCD

Frequency: 3

Headphone: 1/4

click here for manual for DFX


Size: 9.0

Type: Concentric

Avaliable 18


Life: 15

Type: 8 AA

Available: 18

Description: The Whites DFX is the top of the line machine from Sweet Home, Oregon. DFX is simply unsurpassed in its ability to find treasure older, deeper and smaller items that other metal detectors pass over. DFX™ brings together the ultimate combination of sophisticated microprocessor technology, and turn-on-and-go simplicity.

Average Rating: 4.9 based on 7 reviews

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DFX-Dependable, Fast, X-tra Depth

I had read stories about the
DFX and the technology attached to it as far as Target I.D. and signal depth.
I admit I was a little skeptical, but after using
the DFX at locations I had
"hammered" I am now a believer. To make a long story short, this unit found
coins, relics, and even a silver ring at an area where I thought was almost, if not
entirely, worked out. The DFX is a dependable, fast target i.d., and x-tra depth machine that I look forward to using
for years to come. The icons are usually right on and register fast on the screen and the depth which it picked up targets has added to the number of places that I will return to and search again. White's has made a "Muscle
Machine" that will give a
coin shooter or relic hunter a great time of detecting, from the preset programs to the Pro's options. The DFX...Dependable, Fast,
and X-tra depth. It's all there.

Average rating:4.9 based on 6 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Bill Brewer from Fort Worth, Tx. USA submitted on 1/1/1970

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DFX is in a class by itself!

I recently purchased a White's DFX metal detector and I am very impressed with it's performance. I have been detecting for many years with other high end metal detectors, and let me tell you, the DFX has already outperformed them all. I have only been out a few times with it, and already have made some great finds. On my first outing I was easily detecting dimes at well over six inches. My keepers for that day were a silver 1955 “Rosie” and a 1943 Mercury dime.
On my next outing I returned to a site that I have previously detected over and over with my old metal detectors. On these outings, the site had produced a few early nineteenth century “flat” buttons, six in total, but the only coins I had found there were a 1941 Quarter along with a penny from the same year. All that changed, however, with the DFX. In a two hour hunt I detected 18 more buttons! All of these buttons were small, and all were deep; beyond the range of my previous detectors. My real find for the day came when I got a solid hit with 71 VDI. The VDI tells what the target is likely to be. There are 195 "notches", so when using this detector, you can easily discriminate out things like pull tabs without risking most jewelry being discriminated out as well. On this particular target, I was fairly confident I was going to dig an older coin, and the VDI seemed too high for an Indian Head or a Zinc cent, and it was too low for a “Wheatie” or a dime. What I dug was an 1809 Half Cent, my oldest coin to date!
Needless to say, I am going to return to the site as soon as I get another chance. I have a feeling that this coin may just be the tip of the DFX iceberg!

The DFX has many other adjustable controls, 44 in all, but don't let this scare you. The user may choose from one of six factory set programs for turn and go operation, or you can create your own.

These 44 adjustments allow the user to customize many controls that are typically preselected at the factory.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:
The sweep speed adjustment allows the user to adjust the speed of his or her sweep to their personal style.

Trac speed allows the user to adjust how often the machine adjusts the ground balance.

Block Edit makes it easy to block out (or accept)a range of targets. For example, the user may wish to accept targets that fall in the iron range, or reject targets that may fall in the pull tab range.

Once again, for the user who just wants to turn and go, there are 6 factory preset programs ready to use, with little or no adjustments.

Based on my short time using it, I can already say the White's DFX is the king!

Average rating:4.9 based on 6 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Neil Schwartz from Cherry Hill, New Jersey submitted on 1/1/1970

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This amazing metal detector is one you will never outgrow. This detector is made to satisfy every treasure hunter with its simplicity for the beginner, and its adjust ability for the experienced pro. This detector has five preset programs which are very easy to use. They are so easy a a 10 year old could use it. Then there are an amazing amount of adjustments for just about every treasure hunting situation, for those who like to beef up their detector to its maximum capabilities. I have owned five metal detectors and this one is the last one I will ever need as it offers everything a treasure hunter could ask for. I highly recommend this detector to anyone who wishes to delve into this wonderful hobby.

Average rating:4.9 based on 6 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Robin Loev from Farmington, NM USA submitted on 1/1/1970

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It really is THAT good!

When I decided to purchase my first metal detector, I searched the Internet for ideas (being new to the USA from Australia). One name repeatedly came up as 'the best' detector and manufacturer, White's and DFX. I read many a positive review about the White's DFX. I was looking for an easy to use detector that would 'grow' with my level of experience, but at the same time would give me the ease of 'turn-on and go' programs.
I contacted KellyCo (very easy to deal with) and ordered my DFX.
Well, I'm into my 2nd year with the DFX and LOVE it!
Upon opening the box I knew I had made the right choice, the build quality is exceptional.
The 'turn-on and go' programs are wonderful especially for those times when I am short on time leaving me more time to 'just' hunt.
The ID screen is excellent and very accurate in telling you what is in the ground before you dig.
I also liked the very accurate and easy to use pinpointing ability of the DFX.
One of my first coins I found read as a Nickel on the ID screen, I dug and pulled out a Buffalo Head, amazing!
I mostly search for coins but I have found jewelry and even a Civil War horse buckle!
The DFX also allows me to fine tune any program to suit various locations and experiment with greater depth.
Saving my own programs was a breeze with the intuitive screens and made even easier with the excellent DVD that came with the detector.
Mostly, what I love is the fact that White's has made a detector that covers the full spectrum of users.
I'm glad I chose White's and the DFX, wonderful customer service plus exceptional build quality, what more could you ask for.
I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody from the novice to the experienced treasure hunter, it really is THAT good!

Average rating:4.9 based on 6 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Paul Deppeler from Enid, Oklahoma USA submitted on 1/1/1970

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Metaldetecting with the whites DFX

The DFX is easy to use. I've tried using my old whites detector and I'm right back to the DFX because off the depth I get on coins, and lighter in weight. It has a visual target reference number V.D.I. and possible target identites such as coin, ring and pulltabs. This makes it easy to decide whether or not to dig. Coins are easy to find because the meter will tell me it's a penney, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar or silver dollar. When I get a good signal I also look at the live search screen to see what the V.D.I. number is and the possible target identities ('icons')and I watch the signagraph to make sure the bargraph is fully extended to the top which tells me it's a coin. I usually hunt in the preset EEPROM HI-PRO Program because I love the tones I hear through the head set when I find silver coins. I would be lost without the D.F.X. The deepest coin I have found was a 1916 mercury dime at 10 inches in the soil. Some of the coins I have found are 1853 large cent in nice condition, 1853 seated liberty quarter worn thin, 1876 seated liberty quarter in nice condition, 1876cc seated liberty half dollar in nice condition, 1916 barber dime, 1903 barber dime, a few Indian head cents, v nickels, 1 gold ring, 8 sterling rings and the list go's on. I can create my own programs in the DFX and name them using my name in it. I can change and make adjustments to any program I chose. The DFX detector has automatic ground balance unlike my older whites detector. Battery packs are easy to remove and recharge. I can say that the DFX has paid for itself in the past 5 years and has been a great hobby that has brought me many happy days out in field, woods and parks. I would highly recommend the DFX for all who love this great hobby like I do. It's really a thrill to find a pocket spill of 3 to 5 coins in one hole that are over 100 years old. Some of These old coins I have found were in a woods, probably lost by a hunter many years ago. Some times I go out woods detecting for 5 to 8 hours and most of the time I come home empty handed and still had a great time. Yes I'm hooked for sure as most of you are. I hope all your detecting days are as rewarding and enjoyable as mine have been. Roger.

Average rating:4.9 based on 6 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Roger kline from Rochester Minnesota submitted on 1/1/1970

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The coin Vacum

This is my first Metal detector and i am hooked, all the information you need to be successful is in the instructions and posted on several sites on the net, setting this machine up is like setting up a remote on a dvd player, so easy you cant go wrong just read and all will be fine, if i can learn it anyone can.
had the machine now for about six weeks and cant get enough of it, i normally select coin and jewelry mode then make a few adjustments to suit turn RF Gain up etc, started playing around with some custom programs now and will let you know how i get on all i can say is this machine will find anything that's buried and gives off a signal, and boy will it go deep, excellent for soil / wet sand / dry sand / pasture etc



Average rating:4.9 based on 6 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by mark goodier from skelmersdale submitted on 1/1/1970

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