DetectorPro:HeadHunter Wader

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Full Specification

Manufacturer: DetectorPro

Model: HeadHunter Wader

Price: $629.95

Type: Beach / Water

Skill: Intermediate

Weight: 3.50

Display: n/a

Frequency: 2.4

Headphone: n/a

no manual present for the HeadHunter Wader


Size: 8.0

Type: Concentric

Avaliable 3


Life: 50

Type: 2 9-v

Available: 3

Description: Currently no description.

Average Rating: 3.7 based on 2 reviews

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Detector Pro Wader

Have used these units for 3 years now, never a problem and work just perfect, light, efficient, and i use mine mostly for detecting in the rain (i like to detect in the rain) and fog, disc works great, and can use it for anything coins, relics, jewelry, it is at home doing anything and does a very good job of all of it, a 5 star detector if there ever was one, and the company is first rate, have never had a problem with any of their products, but have called and chatted with them, they are real down home folks,#1 outfit

Average rating:3.7 based on 2 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by lloyd sadler / aka Bugar from albany In. USA submitted on 1/1/1970

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My experience with the DetectorPro Wader

I purchased a DetectorPro Wader as my first water-hunting detector in 1994.

Some of the things that appealed to me were the fact that:

All its electronics were in the headphone, making the aluminum coil rod very light.

The coil was 8”.

It was submersible to 6 feet.

Notched controls.

Rust resistant.

50 hours on a set of 2-9 volt batteries.

A low frequency of 2.4 kHz that I understood was best for gold.

Circuit designed by former employees of another large detector company

The unit arrived and was easy to assemble. The manual was very well written and everything fit tightly.

My initial hunts got better results every time and I soon began to find gold jewelry in addition to silver and coins, everything the manufacturer promised was turning up. The lightweight made for long hunting sessions without fatigue in the water.

After a while, I began to experience problems. I had purchased it as a used unit and when the coil shorted out they replaced it with a less expensive reconditioned coil. The unit continued to find items for a few months then wire breaks began to be a problem. I am not gentle with my equipment. I was putting in a lot of hours hunting and I do not use a transport case for it. Another trip to the repair sop in less than a year.

I began to sense that the unit did not discriminate as well as I would like between aluminum and gold. There was no real difference for me in tone. I have a LOT of pull-tabs in the water and decided, based on the success that I was having with the DetectorPro unit to upgrade at that point.

In conclusion, I liked the premise of the Wader and it did serve me well when it ran. On the downside, it was fragile and prone to fatigue failures. I certainly hope DetectorPro has improved its durability based on what they are seeing in their repairs. If they did that, it would be a detector that I could recommend to anyone wanting to start water detecting.

My rating: 6.5 out of 10.

Average rating:3.7 based on 2 reviews

Rated: stars submitted by Steve in PR from Puerto Rico submitted on 1/1/1970

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